Fc Soccer League


League Payment

30% of the team fee is due at the time that you register your team. 50% of the league fee is due before your 3rd game. Full league payment is required 72 hours before your 6th game. Failure to do so will result in your team forfeiting games until the payment is received at the that it is due. If your team requires one extra week to pay there will be a $100 fee that would have to be paid 72 hours prior to your game.

Game Rules

• Each game is 11 vs 11

• The game will start if there is at least 7 players present.

• Games consist of two 45 minutes halves with a 10 minute break in between.

• Each team must present 2 game balls. If your team fails to bring your 2 game balls you will face a $25 fine.

• The first teams to play on any given field will be responsible for putting up the goal net that the referee will provide. The last team will be responsible for taking it down and giving it to the ref.

• Each team will be required to have 2 corner flags that they will have to bring to each game. Failure to due so will result in a $25 fine.

• There is no slide tackling (only applies to over 30 teams)

Team and Player Ethics

• There will be no fighting and any player or team who participates in a fight will receive a hefty fine and face being banned from the Fc Soccer League for life. The fine will be based on the seriousness of the altercation.

• There will be no tolerance for profanity aimed at opposing players, fans, referees or teammates and referees will be encouraged to book players who do so.

• Team managers will be responsible for letting their players and fans know that if they must use the restroom to do so with the portal potties on site. If any player is seen urinating in public they will receive an automatic red card with a 2 game
suspension and a $50 fine. If any supporter/fan of your team is seen urinating in public your team will receive a $50 fine. A second offense from a player or team supporter will result in a $200 fine. A 3rd offense will result with the player or team
being kicked out of the league.

• Each team will be responsible for picking up after themselves. Referees will take note if a team leaves garbage and if your team is reported your team will receive a warning, the 2nd time will result in a $50 fine. A 3rd offense will result in a $150 fine, and 4th offense will get your entire team kick out of the league.

• Each team is responsible for controlling their fans. If there is a fan or a group of fans that are there to watch one of your players, they will be considered the teams fans. During a game if the ref has to pause the game due to the expectations causing a
disturbance, the captain and the team manager will be in charge of controlling the situation. If after 3 minutes the situation does not get fixed the ref will end the game and the team responsible for the stoppage will lose the game.

• Referees will be allowed to report any player or team representative who is verbally harassing or threatening them before, during, or after the game.

• The Fc Soccer League has the privilege to use the facilities we provide you. Without the cooperation of each player, fan, and team we risk losing fields and without fields you can’t play. We ask that you treat all facilities with respect and follow the player ethic rules. Failure to do so will result in hefty fines and possible expulsion from the league.

• All teams must have 2 uniforms and the visiting team must change if necessary. If it becomes necessary and the visiting team does not have an alternate uniform they will be forced to forfeit the game and will be fined $100.

• Each player on a team must wear the same matching uniform. This includes jersey with a number, shorts, and socks. If you have different color socks or shorts then your team you will not be allowed to play. Will be strictly enforced.

• Numbers cannot be taped on or drawn on the jerseys.

•All teams will have a 3 game period where they can have different color socks and shorts. After the 3rd game all teams will need to match everything as stated above.

• If a player is caught drinking alcohol during a game he/she will be given an automatic red card and given a fine of $40.

• There will be no alcohol allowed on school properties. Any team who is caught with alcohol will be fined $200. All team representatives must let their team and team fans know that this will be strictly enforced.

• In city parks where alcohol is allowed no glass bottles will be allowed. Any team that is seen having glass bottles will be fined $200. A team representative must let their team and team fans know that this will be strictly enforced.

• If your team forfeits a game due to not having enough players the team will be fined the following amounts. In order to avoid the fine, you must have at least 5 players.• 1st game: $100
• 2nd game: $200
• 3rd: You are out of the league

• Game time will start running as listed on the schedule. There will be a 15 minute grace period given to the team who does not have at least 7 players. After 15 minutes the game will be forfeited. As soon as a team has 7 players and they are all checked in the game will begin.

• Each Player must register online.

• All teams are allowed to register up to the halfway point of the season and there is no max amount of players a team can have. After the halfway point, each team will be allowed to drop/add up to 6 players max that are injured or have quit the team. Each team is allowed to drop 2 players and add 2 players per week. There will be no exception of add-ons after a team uses up their 6. There will be no drops/adds after the final game of the regular season.

• Teams are not allowed to get players from a different team participating in the same division after the registrations have closed

• If a player decides to want to switch teams during the open registration period he must sit out for one week.
Player Cards

• Starting the summer 18 season, cards will no longer be required. Every player will be required to register online which will allow us to create team roster for every team. The team roster will be updated on a weekly basis and be sent to the team
manager in a printable version that will serve as the team roster to present to the referee.

• Teams will be able to register players up until 4pm on Fridays which will serve as the cut off time to play that Sunday. Any player that registers after 4pm on Friday will not be added to the roster and will have to wait to play until following week once they are added to the roster.

• If a player is under 18 years of age, he will be required to have a waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian. The player will not be allowed to play until the waiver is turned in.

Any tampering or modification of the roster by any team manager or player will result in an automatic forfeit and a $200 team fine. If your player is not on the roster he is not allowed to play, NO EXCEPTIONS. 

Team Roster/Checking in
• Any team that does not present their team roster to the ref before the game will forfeit. If needed teams are allowed a grace period of 15 minutes but those 15 minutes count towards gameplay. If after 15 minutes the team does not present their team roster they will forfeit the game.

• The first offence will be a $50 fine • second offence will be a $125 fine  • Third offence will be a $200 fine • It will be mandatory for the starting line up to check in with the ref at the centre of the field. 10 minutes prior to the game the referee will ask the home team for the team roster. He will ask each player for their name which should correspond with the picture and name on the roster. The player will then show the referee their number.

• Substitutes will be required to check in with the referee at halftime to verify that the player is on the roster. If the player does not get verified by the referee he will be considered an ineligible player and the team will forfeit the game.

• The team roster will be emailed to the team manager on a weekly basis.

• Your team has the right to appeal any fine, red card, or game situation that they feel is incorrect. In order for this appeal to be considered, you will have until Tuesday 7pm to email your team appeal to support@thefutbolclub.net with a $25 fee that you can pay on the player fees link
appeal that is not in turned in on time with the $25 fee will not be considered.

• Note: Every appeal will be examined thoroughly with all major parties involved being contacted by Fc Soccer League staff. The outcome to an appeal will be announced to the appealing party within 3 days. There is no guarantee that an appeal will be given in your favor and the $25 are non refundable.

• If a player is given a red card his/her punishment will be based off of the FC SOCCER LEAGUE PLAYER FINE pdf that you can download.

• If given a fine a team must pay within 72 hours prior to their next game. Failing to do so will result in an automatic forfeit. The Fc Soccer League will not be responsible for giving you a 2nd notice of the 72 hour period. If your team owes a fine it is 100% your responsibility to take care of it in a timely manner. This will be strictly enforced.

• All team representatives will be responsible for sharing the game information to their players and encourage them to check the page for updates, field locations, and any news.

• If your team wins a free season you are given a team credit for the amount of the league fee your team paid. It must be used the next season or it is forfeited. If you win the following season you are NOT given the team credit as there was no team fee.

• Mandatory Meetings: The league will hold mandatory meetings in which each team will be responsible to have one representative show up. Failure to have a team representative will result in a $100 fine. If your team does receive a fine it must be paid before your following game to avoid a forfeit.