Fc Soccer League


Week 1

4/29/189amMontgomery High School Sauz 2 vs 2 Campecinos
4/29/1811amMontgomery High School Tauros Fc 1 vs 10 Pegasso
4/29/181pmMontgomery High School Fc Petaluma 5 vs 1 Fc Scorpions
4/29/183pmMontgomery High School CF Estudiantes 1 vs 5 Atletico San Francisco
4/29/182pmPlace To Play #6Atletico Nacional 2 vs 0 Bobcats
4/29/184pmPlace To Play #6Zaragoza Hidalgo 0 vs 3 Los Aztecas

Week 2

5/6/189amMontgomery High School Fc Scorpions 1 vs 4 CF Estudiantes
5/6/1811amMontgomery High School Santos 2 vs 5 Fc Petaluma
5/6/181pmMontgomery High School Atletico San Francisco 5 vs 0 Zaragoza Hidalgo
5/6/183pmMontgomery High School Pegasso 1 vs 1 Campecinos
5/6/182pmPlace To Play #6Bobcats 7 vs 2 Tauros FC
5/6/184pmPlace To Play #6Los Aztecas 0 vs 7 Atletico Nacional

Week 3 (50% of the team fee is due BEFORE Thursday 5/17/18.) ( 50% de la cuata de tu equipo tiene que ser pagada ANTES del Jueves 5/17/18)

Date Time Field Match
5/20/189amMontgomery High School Sauz 1 vs 2 Pegasso
5/20/1811amMontgomery High School CF Estudiantes 1 vs 1 Santos
5/20/181pmMontgomery High School Atletico Nacional 2 vs 3 Atletico San Francisco
5/20/183pmMontgomery High School Zaragoza Hidalgo 1 vs 3 Fc Scorpions
5/20/182pmPlace To Play #6Campecinos 2 vs 3 Bobcats
5/20/184pmPlace To Play #6Tauros Fc 1 Vs 4 Los Aztecas
5/20/18byeFc Petaluma

Week 4

Date Time FieldMatch
5/27/189amMontgomery High School Atletico San Franciso vs Fc Petaluma
5/27/1811amMontgomery High School Sauz vs Santos
5/27/181pmMontgomery High School Pegasso vs Atletico Nacional
5/27/183pmMontgomery High School Campecinos vs Tauros FC
5/27/182pmPlace To Play #6Bobcats vs Zaragoza Hidalgo
5/27/184pmPlace To Play #6Los Aztecas vs CF Estudiantes
5/27/18byeFc Scorpions

Week 5

DateTime Field Match
6/3/189amMontgomery High School Campecinos vs Atletico Nacional
6/3/1811amMontgomery High School Atletico Nacional vs Santos
6/3/181pmMontgomery High School Tauros FC vs FC Scorpions
6/3/183pmMontgomery High School Sauz vs Bobcats
6/3/182pmPlace To Play #6CF Estudiantes vs Fc Petaluma
6/3/184pmPlace To Play #6Pegasso vs Los Aztecas
6/3/18byeZaragoza Hidalgo

Week 6 (Full Payment of the league is due 72 hours before your 6th game)

6/10/189amMontgomery High School Campecinos vs Fc Petaluma
6/10/1811amMontgomery High School Tauros Fc vs CF Estudiantes
6/10/181pmMontgomery High School Bobcats vs Santos
6/10/183pmMontgomery High School Sauz vs Atletico San Fran Cisco
6/10/182pmPlace To Play #6Atletico Nacional vs Zaragoza Hidalgo
6/10/184pmPlace To Play #6Los Aztecas vs Fc Scorpions

Week 7

6/17/189amMontgomery High School Santos vs Zaragoza Hidalgo
6/17/1811amMontgomery High School Fc Scorpions vs Atletico Nacional
6/17/181pmMontgomery High School Sauz vs Fc Petaluma
6/17/183pmMontgomery High School Bobcats vs Pegasso
6/17/182pmGalvin Field #2Atletico San Francisco vs Tauros Fc
6/17/184pmGalvin Field #2Los Aztecas vs Campecinos
6/17/18byeCF Estudiantes

Week 8

DateTimeField Match
6/24/179amMontgomery High School Sauz vs CF Estudiantes
6/24/1711amMontgomery High School Santos vs Tauros FC
6/24/171pmMontgomery High School Fc Petaluma vs Zaragoza HIdalgo
6/24/173pmMontgomery High School Atletico San Francisco vs Pegasso
6/24/172pmPlace To Play #6Fc Scorpions vs Campecinos
6/24/174pmPlace To Play #6Los Aztecas vs Bobcats
6/24/17byeAtletico Nacional

Week 9 (Mandatory Meeting scheduled for the Friday 6/29/18 7:30pm)

7/1/189amMontgomery High School Atletico Nacional vs Campecinos
7/1/1811amMontgomery High School Zaragoza Hidalgo vs Pegasso
7/1/181pmMontgomery High SchoolSantos vs Fc Scorpions
7/1/183pmMontgomery High School Sauz vs Tauros FC
7/1/182pmPlace To Play #6CF Estudiantes vs Bobcats
7/1/184pmPlace To Play #6FC Petaluma vs Los Aztecas
7/1/18byeAtletico San Franciso

Week 10

7/8/189amMontgomery High School CF Estudiantes vs Campecinos
7/8/1811amMontgomery High School Zaragoza Hidalgo vs Tauros FC
7/8/181pmMontgomery High School Fc Petaluma vs Pegasso
7/8/183pmMontgomery High School Fc Scorpions vs Atletico San Francisco
7/8/182pmPlace To Play #6Sauz vs Atletico Nacional
7/8/184pmPlace To Play #6Santos vs Los Aztecas

Week 11

Date TimeFieldMatch
7/15/189amMontgomery High School Sauz vs Zaragoza Hidalgo
7/15/1811amMontgomery High School Fc Petaluma vs Tauros Fc
7/15/181pmMontgomery High School CF Estudiantes vs Atletico Nacional
7/15/183pmMontgomery High School Fc Scorpions vs Bobcats
7/15/182pmPlace To Play #6Santos vs Pegasso
7/15/184pmPlace To Play #6Atletico San Franciso vs Los Aztecas

Week 12

7/22/189amMontgomery High School Campecinos vs Santos
7/22/1811amMontgomery High School Pegasso vs Fc Scorpions
7/22/181pmMontgomery High School Atletico Nacional vs Fc Petaluma
7/22/183pmMontgomery High School Zaragoza Hidalgo vs CF Estudiantes
7/22/182pmGalvin Field #2Bobcats vs Atletico San Franciso
7/22/184pmGalvin Field #2Sauz vs Los Aztecas
7/22/18byeTauros Fc

Week 13

7/29/189amMontgomery High School Pegasso vs CF Estudiantes
7/29/1811am Montgomery High School Campecinos vs Zaragoza Hidalgo
7/29/181pmMontgomery High School Atletico San Franciso vs Santos
7/29/183pmMontgomery High School Sauz vs Fc Scorpions
7/29/182pmPlace To Play #6Bobcats vs Fc Petaluma
7/29/184pmPlace To Play #6Tauros Fc vs Atletico Nacional
7/29/18byeLos Aztecas

Week 14

Date TimeFieldMatch
8/5/189amMontgomery High School Fc Petaluma vs Fc Scorpions
8/5/1811amMontgomery High School Tauros Fc vs Pegasso
8/5/181pmMontgomery High School Sauz vs Campecinos
8/5/183pmMontgomery High School CF Estudiantes vs Atletico San Franciso
8/5/182pmPlace To Play #6Atletico Nacional vs Bobcats
8/5/184pmPlace To Play #6Zaragoza Hidalgo vs Los Aztecas

Week 15

Date Time Field Match
8/12/189amMontgomery High School Fc Scorpions vs CF Estudiantes
8/12/1811amMontgomery High School Santos vs Fc Petaluma
8/12/181pmMontgomery High School Atletico San Franciso vs Zaragoza Hidalgo
8/12/183pmMontgomery High School Pegasso vs Campecinos
8/12/182pmPlace To Play #6Bobcats vs Tauros Fc
8/12/184pmPlace To Play #6Los Aztecas vs Atletico Nacional


DateTimeField Match